This Page Dedicated to, in my opinion, The Best Game Ever.
I have Dune (Original), Red Alert, Counterstrike, Aftermath, Sole Survivor, Dune 2000 and Tiberium Sun,
but, and I know some will disagree, l still believe that Command and Conquer is the best game ever.

I  am able to still play C&C Gold on Windows 7 SP1 64bit and 32bit using the below Link.

Command & Conquer Gold: Project 1.06

Troops / Vehicles / Structures

Grenadier Bazooka Mini Gunner Flame Soldier
Engineer Commando

Mammoth Tank Construction Yard Light Tank
Medium Tank Harvester Recon Bike
Humm-Vee Chinook Dune Buggie
Rocket Launcher Flame Tank
A.P.C. Artillery
Orca Helicopter Assualt Chopper

Buildings / Structures
Barracks Construction Yard Hand of NOD
Guard Tower Power Plant Adv. Power Plant Turret
Adv. Guard Tower Refinery Tiberium Silo Sam Site
Adv. Comm Centre Comm. Centre Heli Pad Weapons Runway
Weapons Factory Repair Bay Sandbags Obelisk of Light
  Chain Fence Concrete Wall Temple of NOD


 Mini Gunner - GDI and NOD 

This is just your basic soldier with a very basic rifle. They are totally useless on their own but can be quite dangerous in groups. You should keep them in packs of no less than 15.

 Grenadier - GDI

This unit is just as vulnerable to attack from the enemy, but it has a much more powerful weapon. In groups, grenadiers can be quite effective against armoured vehicles. But they should only be used like this as a last resort!

 Bazooka - GDI and NOD

This unit can survive even less injury than the last two units! The bazooka is not effective against infantry because it is not accurate enough to hit such a small target. However, they are very effective against vehicles. A group of 5 Bazookas can be a serious threat to a Medium Tank!

 Engineer - GDI and NOD

This unit is 'the' most vulnerable on the battle field, since it can take very little injury and does not have any weapon. They are useful if you want a structure that you cannot build, but the enemy has in it's base. The engineer can capture such buildings and give you control of them. Engineers should always be escorted to their destination unless you are certain that the area is secure!

 Mammoth Tank - GDI

This is the biggy! With twin 120mm cannons and missile packs to destroy infantry, the firepower of this tank leaves nothing to be desired. It can also take massive damage in the field, far more than any other unit. It can also 'self repair' damage up to 50% of a Mammoth tank in perfect condition! This units only weakness if it has one, is it's speed. Most units could literally run circles around it on the battle field.

 Medium Tank - GDI

Also know as the M1A1 Abrams tank. This is the Mammoth tank's little brother. It has one 120mm cannon and no missile packs. It is slightly faster than the Mammoth tank because it is more light weight. It cannot take as much damage as the Mammoth tank but it is significantly cheaper than the Mammoth Tank. So if you wish to build an army of tanks it would probably be best to make it up from Medium Tanks since you will be able to afford a lot more and therefore make a more overwhelming army!

 A.P.C. - GDI and NOD

This unit can carry infantry around the battle field. The benefits of using an A.P.C. instead of sending the infantry to their destination on foot are:-
It can move a lot faster than infantry, even the commando!
It can take several hits so the infantry are more likely to reach their destination alive!

 Hum-Vee - GDI

This unit can take very little damage indeed and an encounter with a tank would most likely prove to be fatal! However, it is a very fast unit and it has got a large viewing range, which makes this unit very good at scouting the map. As long as it keeps on the move!

 Harvester - GDI and NOD

This is by far the most important unit in the game! A base without working harvesters will not last long at all. You must rely on this unit for all of your income, it is the most valuable thing that you will ever have. It is heavily armoured so it can take a lot of damage, but it has no weapons to defend itself with, so if it is attacked you must go to its rescue immediately or suffer the consequences! Escort it when ever possible!

 Mobile Construction Vehicle - GDI and NOD

This is the thing that will build your base, or rather it will be once you deploy it into a construction yard. You will usually only have these if you are given one at the start of the mission. They have no weapons and are an easy target for the enemy. They are too expensive to lose so always keep them away from the fray!

 Orca - GDI or Attack Chopper - NOD

This is GDI's attack helicopter. It is quite fast and there are few things that can fire at it while it is in the air, (SAM Sites and Bazookas)these are best in groups. A pack of ten Orca's can destroy an enemy structure in seconds and be returning to base before the enemy knows what has happened. However a lone Orca, hovering above an enemy base will be shot down instantly!

 Transport Helicopter - GDI and NOD

This can get to those places that other units can't reach! Sometimes, there are certain areas on the map which can only be reached by air-borne units. This is where this unit comes in handy, since it can airlift infantry to these places. You should not land the Transport Helicopter near enemy units since it can take very little damage.

 Commando - GDI and Nod

This is the man! No infantry is safe when a commando is stalking the area! These will kill any infantry in a single shot, thanks to their sniper's rifle with telescopic lens. They can out run any other infantry, so there is no point in trying to run away from a commando, if he wants to kill you, he will! They are most effective on their own and not in a large group because they are more mobile this way and are more likely to take the enemy by surprise!

 Ion Cannon - GDI

This is GDI's orbiting Particle Weapon. It can fire on any spot on the battle field when it is in communications range as it orbits the Earth. In the game it is not really as powerful as you might expect, there are few buildings that it can destroy in one shot, and there are also some units that can survive a hit from it. However, I have heard that there is a more powerful Ion Cannon in the works which will feature in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, which at the moment looks set to come out some time next year!

 Nuclear Strike - NOD

Now this is a powerful weapon! If you know the location of the enemy base and you have got one of these to launch, the game could be over for your opponent very shortly! The only problem is that the warhead is very expensive and takes quite a while to prep for launching.

 Flame Thrower - NOD

This is probably about the only unit that has a fighting chance against a commando. It can take out a commando with one good shot if it can get close enough, this will be the hardest part! Use should use them with caution though, because all units in the vicinity can take fire damage when it fires. It has been known to set several friendly soldiers on fire by accident!

 Chem-Warrior - NOD

This is the Flame Thrower's big brother. Exactly the same rules apply to this unit except the 'Chem-Weapon' is three times as powerful as the flame thrower. Also Chem-Warriors are not affected by Tiberium, so don't be afraid to position them on it.

 S.S.M. Launcher - NOD

This is like the modern day equivalent of lighted arrows being fired at your enemies. Whenever one of these hits it's target it bursts into flames, incinerating what it hits. The launcher can carry two at once, and will take a long time to replace fired missiles. Unfortunately, in the single player game the S.S.M. Launcher can only be built by the computer and not you. Sorry!

 Light Tank - NOD

This is the basic tank. It only has a single 70mm cannon and has much lighter armour than GDI's Medium Tank. They can be a significant threat if they are in large groups but individually, they are easy pickings.

 Stealth Tank - NOD

The stealth tank is an extremely useful unit. It is by far the best unit in the game to use to scout the map. It is possible to even infiltrate the enemy base, explore it and leave without the enemy even knowing! The weakness of this unit is that it is extremely lightly armoured and if it de-cloaks a Mammoth Tank could destroy it in about two shots! The way to avoid defeats like these is to make sure the Stealth Tank is always at least one square away from any enemy units, this will ensure that the Stealth Tank is never seen by the enemy. Never de-cloak unless your Stealth Tanks are in a large pack and are ready to defend themselves!

 Flame Tank - NOD

This unit is next to useless against other armoured vehicles but it is devastating against enemy infantry. It's twin flame throwers will make short work of an army made up of infantry. If you keep all of this in mind then the Flame Tank will serve you very well in battle.

 Artillery - NOD

This unit has a very powerful shot, that will obliterate any infantry it hits and do heavy damage to armoured vehicles. The weakness of this unit is that it is incredibly slow and has extremely light armour (As in non-existent). A Mammoth tank could destroy one of these in about one shot so make sure you keep them behind your more heavily armoured units when in battle.

 Nod Buggy - NOD

This unit is virtually identical in specification to the Jeep (Humm-vee). It is just as fast, it has exactly the same armour and it has very similar fire power. It is best suited to scouting and attacking infantry, it should never be sent to attack anything more than this!

 Recon Bike - NOD

This is the best unit at NOD's disposal for scouting if there is not a Stealth Tank available. This is because it is by far the fastest ground unit in the game and can out run units like the Humm-vee with ease. But once again it has extremely light armour. However, it is equipped with missile packs so in fairly large groups they can be effective against enemy tanks.

 Power Plant - GDI and NOD

This is your basic power plant that generates 100 points of power, this is sufficient for most structures in the game. It is also quite cheap.

 Advanced Power Plant - GDI and NOD

This power plant generates 200 points of power, this is twice as much as the standard power plant yet it cost more than twice as much! The only benefit of using one Advanced power plant instead of two normal power plants is that it takes up less space.

 Tiberium Refinery - GDI and NOD

This is the most important structure in the game to complement the most important unit in the game. This is where all of your collected tiberium is dumped and refined, make sure that you guard this building well!

 Tiberium Silo - GDI and NOD

There is no need for this building whatsoever! All it is, is extra storage space for you tiberium. It is a total waste of money to buy something to keep money in. It would be a much better idea to spend your surplus money on a new Tank or stronger base defences! If however, you do want to mass a large bank balance it is still possible with out the need of silos. Whenever the harvester arrives to deliver some more tiberium, start building something expensive like a Tiberium Refinery or a Helicopter Pad, this will consume the Tiberium as it is processed, stopping it from being deposited in the Refinery. When the construction is complete, cancel it. You will get all of the money back but it will be in the form of cash and not in the form of Tiberium, so you will still have an empty Refinery!

 Repair Bay - GDI and NOD

This structure is most useful when you have got an army of Orcas of Attack Helicopters that you send against the enemy on a regular basis. Whenever the helicopters return to your base after a sortie, repair all those that have taken some damage. This way you should hopefully never lose any of them and therefore need to pay for new ones.

 Barracks - GDI or Hand of Nod - NOD

This is where your soldiers are trained and is therefore the most basic defensive structure in the game. It is only very cheap so it would be a good idea to build several of them to increase the speed at which you can train your troops.

  Weapons Factory - GDI and NOD

This is the structure that produces all of you Tanks and other vehicles. It is very expensive so your should ensure it is safe from attack at all times, since replacing it could prove very costly indeed.

 SAM Site - NOD

This structure will fire at all enemy air-borne units. Slow, lightly-armoured units like the Transport Helicopter will not stand a chance if a SAM Site starts firing at it. It is not very effective at repelling air-strikes though!

 Helicopter Pad - GDI and NOD

This is where the Orcas and Attack Helicopters reload after an attack. It is quite expensive but this is because a helicopter is included in with the cost. It is best to keep these well inside your base and safe from attack.

 Communications Centre - GDI and NOD

This is a very useful building because it provides you with a radar display of the area, which you can switch between short and long-range scan by clicking on the map button. It will show you where all of your units are and will also alert you to any approaching enemy units.

 Temple of Nod - NOD

This is a very expensive structure ($3000). It is the housing for NOD's nuclear warhead, (See above) this weapon can only be used once. So once you have fired you should sell the Temple, as this will reduce you power demands by 150 points and will give you $1500 as well.

Advance Communication Centre - GDI

An upgrade to the communication centre, this structure is the uplink centre for the Ion Cannon. (See Above)

Turret - NOD

This is NOD's basic defensive building, it is most effective against Tanks since it has a single 120mm cannon. Several of these placed at the entrance to your base can be a very effective defence against enemy tank attacks.

 Guard Tower - GDI

This is GDI's basic defence. This one is more effective against infantry with it's high velocity machine gun. It is not very effective against enemy tanks though.

 Obelisk of Light - NOD

This is NOD's more advanced base defence. It is a tall tower with a high-power laser mounted on the top. It has a high power demand, light armour and it takes a few seconds to recharge after firing. When it does fire though it causes mass destruction. Anything that can destroy a Mammoth Tank in only four shots has got to be powerful!

 Advanced Guard Tower - GDI

This is GDI's best base defence. It fires high-explosive rockets at not only ground units, but air-borne units as well. The base must be operating a full-power for it to function properly though, and it is not very effective against armoured attackers.

 Sand Bag Wall - GDI and NOD

Sand bags are extremely useful. You can practically win the game with these alone! Since the computer cannot recognise sandbags as a viable target, you can use them to create a wide perimeter around you base, this will stop the enemy from ever attacking you! You can even use then to seal off the enemies base so no enemy units will be able to leave and attack you!

 Chain Link Fence - GDI and NOD

Same as above only a chain link fence can take slightly more damage than sandbags before collapsing.

 Concrete Wall - GDI and NOD

This is the strongest type of wall in the game and can take numerous hits from a Tank before collapsing.


Covert Operations Disk

Covert Operations is a companion disc to the award-winning Command & Conquer,
gives you 15 new missions and 10 new multiplayer maps.


BlackOut Bad Neighbourhood
Hell's Fury Deceit
Infiltrated Eviction Notice
Elemental Imperative Tiberium Strain
Ground Zero Cloak and Dagger
Twist of Fate Hostile Takeover
Blindsided Under Siege: C&C
Death Squad

If you would like help on how to accomplish one or all of the Covert Ops Missions,
feel free to E-Mail me for advice.