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Keep your Anti Virus Software and Definitions Up-to-date.
New viruses are released every day, out of date virus definitions will provide little Protection.

Keep your Operating System Up-to-date.
Keeping your operating system up-to-date will offer additional security from hackers or viruses as well as improve performance. 

If you use the Internet, download and use a Spyware Checker.
Most people are familiar with shareware, cookies, interactive content, and file sharing.
What you may not realize is that some of these may contain embedded code, called Spyware, that allows them to track your surfing habits, profile your shopping preferences,
hijack your browser start page and alter important system files. This can be done without your knowledge or permission.

Defragment and Scan Disk Computer Hard Drives Regularly.
All Windows operating systems include Scan Disk and Disk Defragmenter. Both can significantly impact system stability. 
These programs should be run regularly.  It is important to close all before running these programs.  It is best to run scan disk first and then run disk defragmenter.

Backup your Data.
This is probably the number one task that is overlooked by computer users, yet it is perhaps the most critical. 
Be sure to have some sort of backup system in place. CD Writers are relatively cheap these days.

Below is a list of Some of the Software that i use and recommend.

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